Monday, July 28, 2014

Kids Need Explicit Instruction in the Process and Skills of Proficient Reading

Reading is Thinking

Skills & Strategies That are Important to Reading:

* stamina            *fluency            *monitoring for sense              *visualizing            *using prior knowledge

*prediction          *empathy          *growing theories about characters                      *inference     

*connections within a text            *text-text connections            *determining importance

*using text structures                   *synthesis                               *summary               *interpretation


 Minilesson Tips

Keep it simple & predictable. Remember to keep minilessons to 10 -12 minutes, or else they will become maxi-lessons!

It is very helpful to have a meeting area for explicit instruction. Also, a document camera is helpful to enlarge shared text during the lesson.

** Try to embed future teaching points (TP) into your read-aloud, you can also frame TP out of your life experiences.

At TCRWP one night's homework was to plan out each part of a minilesson. This was a great assignment. I really understood each minilesson component after planning a lesson starting with a teaching point. Here are the parts:

Architecture of a Minilesson

Connection: Name the work that students have been doing and how this lesson will fit into their lives as readers. (We've been working on ...., Something I've noticed... )

Teaching/Modeling: Tell the student what they are going to learn, name the skill and/ strategy, create charts to reinforce your teaching.
This is a "wake up call" to the students :  Name it, Unpack it, Demonstrate
(Today I want to teach you..., When I read..., Watch me as I..., Did you notice how I... Now I'm going to show you how... )
  • Demonstration
  • Guided Practice
  • Explanation with Example
  • Inquiry

Active Engagement:   (Now, it's your turn....) Students try it, often times with a shared text. Teacher observes.

Link:  The new teaching point/skills and strategies become tools in the students's tool boxes. (Whenever you read , remember..   Today and everyday.....  Off  you go...) 

Mid Workshop Interruption: (Tuck in another teaching point)

Share: Teacher chooses a way for students to share their thinking - can be at reading spot or back at meeting area.

Here is a link to a TCRWP Minilesson video clip.

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