Friday, June 26, 2015

Kids Need Time to Talk About Books

"It Takes Two to Read a Book"

Here are my notes from TCRWP 2014 Summer Institute related to Accountable Talk:

Reading Partners: Start partnerships early in the year. Partners should be  matched in ability. Strong partner talk sets the foundation for book clubs.

Partners can read the same book or different books and then swap books. (Lucy suggests having struggling reading partners read the same book.) Build time in during workshop, possibly a mid-workshop interruption, for partners to talk about their books. This will change the ways the students read. They will often think, "I can't wait to tell my partner about this." Students will write notes on post-its to share with their partner during talk time. You will want your students to demonstrate strong partner talk before you move them into book clubs.

Charts from:

Partners can...

All of this great partner work will prepare you students for upcoming group work. You may want to to put two sets of compatible partners together to form a book club.

I now realize that book clubs should be a new post  - so look forward to more to come...

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